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Discover the safest family water heater today

A hot water heater is an essential option for every family in this cold winter. However, on the market today, there are many types of water heaters with different prices, making buyers wonder. If you are unsure of the safest home water heater, refer to the following article.

How hot water is considered safe?

Water heaters are electrical appliances that are in danger of electrical leakage, leading to high electric shock. Most types of commercial hot water bottles are not isolated from the power source. These are the types of water heaters that still use the old technology. When using, it is easy to occur electric leakage, leading to electricity and water sources in direct contact with each other. So every year statistically there are hundreds of electric shocks caused by hot and cold bottles. Among them, there are many cases leaving heavy sequelaes, dangerous to the lives of users.


Use unsafe water heaters at risk of electric shock

This information, makes you feel confused when you intend to buy a hot and cold machine for your family. So the solution we give is choosing a safe water heater.

To assess whether a water heater is safe or not we have to rely on electric shock protection and power isolation.

So how to buy the safest water heater instead of choosing to install the heater as before. Currently, with the development of modern technology, is there always a better choice for your business service?

Reveal the most safe family water heater today

Let you and your family always feel comfortable when using, be a wise consumer when choosing to buy hot and cold water bath.

With production technology and installation on modern American lines. From the beginning, it was trusted by millions of families in the US and many countries around the world. SioGreen is rated as the safest home water heater product today.

SioGreen is a hot water heater that is operated on the mechanism of heating water with infrared rays. Power source and water flow are operating separately, so it is safe and absolutely against electric shock. This is an outstanding advantage of Siogreen water heater that old technology water heaters cannot.

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Siogreen – today’s safest home water heater

SioGreen is not only the only option that satisfies safety features but also saves up to 50% of power consumption. You won’t need to worry about electricity bills every month.

In particular, this type of water heater also provides pure water for daily needs with the function of infrared water disinfection without a line of hot water can do. Quartz tubes are durable for decades and can be recycled and environmentally friendly.

With the above information, you must know what kind of water heater is safe for your family. Be a smart consumer to protect yourself and your family! If you need to buy a hot water machine, please contact us immediately:


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