Distribution System

With the change of seasons between autumn and winter as today, customer demand to buy electric water heater is rising. SioGreen electric water heater which is a prestigious brand imported completely from the United States with many outstanding features will meet the optimal demand for hot water in the coming cold winter of all families and also is the optimal solution for enterprises.


In the market today, the situation of real – fake electric water heater makes so many customers get confused that they do not know where to buy a water heater to ensure a genuine product and affordable price. Customers should go to the prestigious agencies and distributors of SioGreen electric water heater. SuperGreen Vietnam Joint Stock Company with address at 126 Dai La – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi is one of the reliable addresses of consumers. To serve the needs of customers across the country, the company has cooperated with many agencies such as Hanoi, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Soc Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

At SioGreen agencies, the products are displayed so that consumers can visit and test directly.

The benefits of the consumer when buying at our agencies:

+ All SioGreen water heaters are imported completely
+ Maximum support for transportation and installation fees.
+ Professional sales staff, dedicated consultants, attentive service, help customers quickly choose the water heater in accordance with customer needs, living space and pocket-book.
+ Long-term warranty, genuine products.

For more information, please contact Hotline: 0932.236.869 / 096.108.3399