Do you know: The most energy efficient home water heater today

Water heaters are an indispensable device in every family today, especially in the winter. It is not difficult to buy a water heater, but it is always the biggest concern of many families to buy water heaters safely and economically. Don’t worry, today’s article will help you choose the most energy efficient home water heater.

Old water heater and disadvantages when using

The market for electric water heaters currently has 2 types of direct water heaters and indirect hot water bottles. Both of these two lines use the same long-burning wire technology. With 220V high-capacity power network in our country, when used for a long time, the burning wire is very susceptible to corrosion and scale, seriously affecting your health, moreover it can lead to electric leakage, causing dangerous to human life.

On the other hand, when using an old technology water heater for a short period of time, the scale of the residue is increasing, making the contact surface of the burning wire thicker, heating the water for long. At this point, you will see, the water heater is running on power.

Hot water heater uses wire burning technology to consume a lot of electricity

At this point, you will probably think why you don’t use solar water heaters. It does not use electricity so it does not consume electricity. However, the limitations of solar water heaters are bulky devices, which take up an area of installation not suitable for households with small spaces. In particular, the biggest drawback of solar water heaters is that in the rainy and stormy season and in winter, families will not have hot water to bathe.

Solar water heaters in winter will not have bath water

What is the most energy efficient home water heater?

You are wondering whether to choose the most energy efficient home water heater today, the Supergreen water heater is the perfect choice with completely different water heating technology, saving up to 50%.

With Supergreen water heater circulating water inside four super hard, super durable quartz tubes. Electricity emitting external infrared radiation that heats the water so it is safe and anti-shock 100%.

Supergreen water heater has a fully automatic PID intelligent temperature controller. PID receives information from the flow sensor to turn off the power when the process is finished by turning off the hot water valve. In case of temporarily not using water, the controller will switch to standby mode, not to heat . This helps to use minimum power.

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Supergreen water heaters save 50% of electricity

By directly heating the quartz tube, not using the container, users now no longer have to worry about metal heating rods being corroded, reducing heating efficiency, consuming large power. . Supergreen water heaters operate based on the breakthrough technology of infrared energy with four quartz tubes coated with a carbon nano layer, the water is heated continuously, instantly, saving up to 50% electricity with normal water bottle.

With Supergreen water heaters your family will no longer have to worry about increased electricity bills in the cold season.

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