Do you know which water heater is good?

How can you distinguish any good water heater? As winter approaches, the weather begins to get cold and the demand for water heaters increases. Taking advantage of that, many kinds of poor quality water heaters, counterfeit goods and counterfeit goods appear rampant, floating in the market, …

The criteria to choose good water heater

Faced with many choices, there are still many people who wonder if the water heater is good. No matter which hot water machine you choose, customers should pay attention to the following basic criteria: First of all, a good water heater should be ensured absolute safety. It would be heartbreaking if the water heater you just bought caused an electric shock or the water heater broke down, causing the user to be injured, … Besides, a good water heater must definitely provide enough hot water. necessary for daily activities of the whole family.

Depending on usage and cost, consumers will choose industrial water heaters or household water heaters, indirect water heaters or direct water heaters. Unlike indirect water heaters, direct water heaters do not use containers, have a more compact design, making transportation and installation simple, easy and fast.

ban co biet hieu nuoc nong nao tot 1

Figure 1 – Headache to choose any good water heater

Cost is a pretty good criterion for consumers. However, this is just an extra criterion because “quality is better than quantity”, customers should not be cheap to buy poor quality products, then fall into a bad situation.

In addition, according to SuperGreen Vietnam, consumers should consider a number of other criteria such as power saving, bactericidal ability, transportation, installation, warranty period, etc. to find machine brands. Best hot water. To help answer the question about which hot water heater is good, please continue to follow the article.

“Savior” comes from America

Are you still wondering how good a hot water heater is? If you are looking to buy a hot water machine, you must have been puzzled many times by the products “hanging goat, selling dog meat”, a far cry from the high-flying advertising. But you do not need a headache to think for another minute, SioGreen – brand of prestigious imported hot water machine in the US with many outstanding features will be the optimal solution for your dear home:

Safety: SioGreen water heater uses infrared rays to heat water, electricity and water do not contact each other so it does not cause electric shock. Moreover, thanks to infrared rays, the bacteria in the water source are destroyed, ensuring the supply of clean water, protecting the health of users.

Leading advanced technology: SioGreen is considered as a “pioneer” in the 21st century with a unique and modern infrared water heating technology.

ban có biet may nuoc nong hieu nao tot 2

Figure 2 – SioGreen infrared water heater – wise choice of consumers

Power saving: SioGreen infrared water heater has the ability to instant hot water, bring maximum efficiency, reduce electricity consumption costs.

Easy to operate and install: SioGreen has a compact design, easy to install and operate. Compatible with other devices on the market.

Long warranty period: Warranty period according to US policy, help customers can feel secure to use.

Indeed, in response to the question of which good water heater, SuperGreen’s SioGreen infrared water heater deserves to be the best water heater brand today. With the advantages and benefits, as well as the appropriate price and quality guaranteed, SioGreen is the first choice of families to beat the cold winter.

To ensure genuine goods, affordable. Customers please visit reputable SioGreen dealers and distributors nationwide. SuperGreen Vietnam Joint Stock Company at 126 Dai La – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi is one of the trusted addresses of consumers.

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