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Experience to buy good hot water bottles you should know

Buying good hot water bottles has never been easy for consumers. The more difficult it becomes when the old technology lines of poor quality technology appear more and more in the market. Therefore, to choose a safe and suitable water heater, please refer to some of the following experiences:

Experience in buying good hot water bottles

Currently on the market there are many types of hot water bottles varying in design, price and brand. However, it is not easy to choose a good and suitable water heater for the purpose of re-use. Therefore, SuperGreen Vietnam offers a number of standards to help you find the best water heater.

  • Brand reputation: It is best to choose the purchase of hot water from reputable brands to ensure quality, as well as the convenience of maintenance and warranty of the machine.
  • Absolute safety: Facing the risks that the old technology water heater can cause, safety factors must still be at the top. Therefore, when choosing to buy a hot water bottle, keep in mind the anti-electric shock feature of the device!


Bình nước nóng sử dụng thanh mayso tiềm ẩn nguy cơ giật điện

  • Power saving: A hot water heater is one of the devices that consumes a lot of electricity every month. Therefore, a hot water heater with savings feature is always a priority choice for families.
  • Fast heating speed: A good hot water bottle must ensure quick heating, which helps you do not have to wait long when bathing, washing,…
  • Choose capacity according to demand: Depending on each household’s hot water needs, choose a convenient and convenient hot water heater.
  • There is a temperature display board: This feature will help you easily monitor and adjust the temperature to suit the needs of each person.

Where is the best hot water bottle today?

To overcome the potential risks in the old technology water heaters. Water is heated by metal heating rods which exist many safety issues, not convenient to use (equipment prone to corrosion, rust leads to leakage of electricity). Therefore, SioGreen water heater was born to replace hot water bottle which is being sold popularly in the market with many preeminent features:

  • SioGreen water heater is manufactured in the US and officially distributed in Vietnam market.
  • SioGreen warms the water with infrared beam combined with Nano Carbon-coated quartz tubes, separate power and water sources, so it is absolutely safe to use.
  • Built-in PID controller helps consumers save maximum power consumption monthly. The controller will automatically disconnect the power when finished and switch to standby mode when the user is suspended.
  • The temperature display touch screen makes it easy for users to monitor and adjust the temperature according to their needs, especially for elderly and young families.

Kinh nghiem mua may nuoc nong tot 1

The structure image inside Siogreen water heater

  • Instant hot water heating, SioGreen will bring abundant and continuous hot water without long wait.
  • In addition, infrared technology also provides a water source to protect skin and prevent hair loss effectively.
  • Compact, luxurious design, easy to install, suitable for any bathroom space.

With countless outstanding features that cannot be found in any kind of good water heater on the market, SioGreen water heater is the complete solution for your family.