Industrial Tankless Water Heater

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Current demand for water – especially hot water at concentrated business establishments such as office buildings, hotels, guesthouses, swimming pools, etc. is increasing. Hot water supplies are often inadequate as the number of users is too large. Moreover, to provide such a large amount of hot water, the cost that businesses spend every month is not small. Management and maintenance for the system are also time-consuming issues. So what is the best solution for your business?

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The central hot water system is the optimal solution at the present time to address this need. SuperGreen Vietnam is pleased to introduce to you SioGreen industrial water heater – a perfect solution for business. The heater is imported 100% from the United States, applying the latest infrared water heating technology today. With its superior features, this series not only automatically supplies hot water to your entire business continuity but also extremely safe.

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Advantages of Siogreen industrial water heater

Siogreen industrial water heater has many advantages compared to other water heater products on the market today:

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  • Absolute safety

    Using infrared technology to heat water, electricity is not in direct contact with water.

  • Disinfection

    Disinfection through infrared rays help provide endless hot water

  • Easy to install

    Compact design, easy to transport, install and operate. Compatible with other devices on the market

  • Maximum power saving

    Infrared beam heats the water instantly. It can help maximum saving cost of using electricity.

  • Intelligent control

    The product incorporates intelligent control, which is remote control

  • Advanced production technology

    Produced on leading European technology

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Industrial tankless water heater

This is the best solution for hot water supply with large volume. Replacement of Heat pump which consumes a lot of energy and investment costs. Using SioGreen industrial water heaters for hotels, resorts, spas, beaty salons, hospitals, schools, etc. to optimize your cost of using heater.

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IR-6000 industrial water heater uses breakthrough technology of infrared heating, which delivers fast heating efficiency, providing abundant and continuous hot water. The PID regulates the amount of electricity needed to maintain a higher temperature than Heat pump. To meet the demand of hot water, high volume, for property: Hotel, Resort, Hospital, School.


Hotels, Villas, Resort, Buildings, etc.

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The central hot water system meets the needs of high-volume hot water with dozens or even hundreds of baths and other hot water consuming appliances. Optimized over other products on the market. The best solution with instant hot water and keep the temperature stable, operating in all extreme weather conditions as in the North of Vietnam, high economic efficiency.

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