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Looking for solutions to replace direct water heaters with old technology

Direct hot water heater is a device used by many families with many advantages in size, suitable for many different bathroom spaces, something that indirect bottles cannot do. However, many people believe that direct hot and cold baths are quite dangerous because they can cause electric shock. So what is going on? Is truth true?

1. Learn about direct hot water available in the market

Up to the present time, there are 3 types of water heating equipment in the market: household direct water heater (old), direct water heater technology pink Foreign (new) and indirect water heaters.

Compared to other types of indirect water heaters, direct water heaters generally have many advantages such as: Compact design, easy to install, fast heating, do not use the bathroom area,…


Current hot water lines all use mayso bars to heat water

However, most of the direct electric hot water bottles being sold on the market still use the old technology, water is heated by metal heating rods easily leak electricity, causing electric shock to users. Therefore, these types of direct water heaters will not be absolutely safe as the direct infrared water heaters. Because the water heater with new technology using infrared rays combined with quartz tube to heat water, it is guaranteed to resist 100% electric shock.

2. Tips from SioGreen infrared water heater experts

With a strong technological breakthrough, no other direct hot water heater on the market is available. Leading water heater experts in the US recommend consumers to use SioGreen water heaters to ensure safety and power savings. With smart operation mechanism, SioGreen is the perfect solution for all families and areas that need to use large amounts of hot water such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, spas, resorts,…


Siogreen water heater with many outstanding features compared to other models

Let’s discover, why SioGreen water heater is trusted by millions of American families and many countries around the world!

– Absolute safety with infrared heating technology.

– Save power consumption with PID controller extremely smart.

– Create an extremely abundant source of disinfection water, serving daily needs of the family.

– Users can adjust the temperature according to each need, suitable for families with elderly and young children.

– Quartz-coated Nano Carbon pipes are anti-corrosive, cling-proof so SioGreen can use up to 20 years.

– Compact design, easy to install, white machine brings elegance and sophistication to the bathroom.

Above are the preeminent features that no direct hot water heater in the market has. Choosing SioGreen infrared technology direct water heater is protecting your safety for your whole family.