Should indirect water heaters be used?

Besides the direct hot water bottles being sold on the market, indirect hot water bottles are also targeted by consumers. Although, this model is not commonly used as direct water heaters, but also many people have to wonder “should we use a hot water heater indirectly”? Therefore, to get an answer, learn more about this series of information later!

1. Advantages and disadvantages of indirect water heaters


– Large containers, can provide enough hot water to bathe families with 4-5 people.

– If the power failure can store hot water for about 20-30 minutes.


– Indirect hot water heater with large size (15-60 liters) should be very bulky, difficult to transport and install.

– Long heating time, average capacity (1, 5 – 2.5 KW / hour) should consume a lot of power. In particular, the excess of unused hot water will be wasted.

– Indirect hot water tank needs racks to support firmly because the container is too big, if it falls, it will be dangerous to users’ life.

– With bulky size, indirect water heater occupies a lot of space, not every bathroom can be installed.

– Long heating time, need to start 15 to 30 minutes before hot water is used.

Indirect water heaters consume a lot of electricity, wasting electricity

2. Should I use indirect water heaters for my family?

With the advantages and disadvantages we give you above, do you think you should “use indirect hot water bottles”? Whether indirect water heaters are cheap or expensive, there are still more disadvantages than direct heating types.

However, in the market, most types of direct hot water use old technology, water is heated by metal heating rods, so it is easy to leak and shock. But you don’t need to be too afraid because the old technology water heater is unsafe, we will help you find the right solution later.


Mayso bars are quickly rusted after a short time of use

3. What is an alternative to indirect water heaters?

At SioGreen USA, successful US scientists have invented and successfully developed infrared water heaters, operating on intelligent PID microprocessors, creating instant hot water sources, continuously and continuously. Superior features (absolute safety, energy saving, easy to use, compact design, disinfection of water sources …).

Now, SioGreen has been able to replace bulky indirect water heaters, which are inconvenient. You can choose the type of machine to suit your needs and purposes:

  • Residential SioGreen infrared water heater (IR234, IR245, IR260, IR288) is suitable for families with modest bathroom numbers.
  • Industrial water heaters (IR6000, IR8000) and centralized water systems for projects and works need to provide a large amount of hot water such as hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, gyms, schools …

Instead of using inconvenient, inconvenient indirect water heaters, SioGreen is the perfect water heater solution for every family.