Vision – Mission

SUPERGREEN VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established on July 15, 2014, specializing in the import, distribution and installation of civil and industrial  infrared water heater made in the United State to serve the diverse needs of using hot water: from the family to the apartment, hotels, industrial parks, etc. With outstanding technology, breakthrough quality and classy customer service, SuperGreen has confirmed its position in Vietnamese market.


SioGreen provides comprehensive hot water solutions for millions of households and buildings in many countries around the world. With the orientation of “Improving Quality of Life”, SioGreen continuously improves its technology and the quality of products and services to become the leading water heater supplier in Vietnam. Taking the trust of customers for the purpose of operation, always maintain a spirit of start-up: unity, responsibility, progress, dynamism, creation in both thinking and practical action.


SioGreen was born as a replacement for the older generation of water heaters being commonly sold in the market. Water is heated by metal heating rods which have many safety problems, not easy to use, thermal equipment is prone to corrosion and rust leading to leakage of power, etc.

To overcome the potential risks in the older generation of water heaters, SioGreen scientists designed a quartz tube to heat water. Because power and water do not directly contact with each other, it ensures absolute safety for the user. In addition, the quartz tube is resistant to corrosion, metal detonation after long time use. This is the unique point of SioGreen Infrared Tankless Water Heater, sterilized through infrared ray to create endless hot water and maintain the durability of the product.

Core values

“SioGreen aims to build brand reputation, customer confidence based on core values: Safety, Saving and Satisfaction


SioGreen tankless water heater is applied mordern technology for heating water. Electricity and water are not in contact with each other to ensure absolute safety for the user.


SioGreen tankless water heater is unique because infrared technology heats water instantly resulting in saving maximum time and power consumption costs.


SioGreen tankless water heater satisfies customer needs due to optimal operating features: customizing water temperature according to the intended use, sterilizing and creating endless hot water.