What kind of family water heater is good?

Household water heaters are a familiar household appliance, which is very popular in everyday life. Especially families with old people and young children, hot water heaters are even more important. However, “good home water heaters” are a problem that many families worry about. Therefore, SuperGreen Vietnam will share some information related to household water heaters in the following article for users to consult!

Criteria for good water heater evaluation

Some criteria for evaluating good water heaters on the market today:

  • Safety: This is the first factor as well as the most important factor. Not only for hot water, but other home appliances also need high safety. Household water heaters must have automatic shutdown devices, leakage prevention, heating rods must not be exposed to water sources, to ensure safety for users.
  • Power saving: When choosing to buy good water heaters, choose a machine that has the ability to heat water quickly, to save the maximum power possible for the family.
  • High durability: This is one of the criteria to choose a good home water heater. Households should buy hot water from reputable brands in the market. If it is imported, there must be clear proof of origin. Do not buy widespread hot water heaters in the market, very poor quality.

Tren thi truong may nuoc nong nao tot

  • What kind of family water heater is good? Must have all the above evaluation criteria, meet the needs of users. Currently on the market there are a number of household water heaters with sensor technology, making it easier for users to adjust the temperature as well as the mode to turn off the power when not in use.
  • In addition, with the situation of water pollution, you should also pay attention to the detoxification function or filter the residue of the household water heater is good, so that the health of the family is better cared for.

So which household water heater is good? Answer right here!

What kind of family water heater is good?

When deciding to buy a household water heater, wonder if any good company for customers to use, is suitable for their needs, … This is understandable because, now On the market there are many types of household water heaters, manufactured by many facilities, many of which are difficult to distinguish which kind of family water heaters are good.

Here, we do not say that you have to buy this type of water heater, the other type, but we advise you to buy the water heaters manufactured by reputable facilities, to ensure the safety for both your family.

SuperGreen Vietnam would like to introduce to everyone a family water heater – SioGreen infrared water heater using new technology which is widely popularized by the market, many households are using.

At this point, many of you will wonder why SioGreen family water heaters are so popularly used? Because of:

  • SioGreen infrared water heater is manufactured and installed on a modern system, completely imported from the US.
  • Save about 50% of electricity compared to other household water heaters.
  • Use quartz tubes to heat up water, ensuring safety for users.
  • Design is small, compact, beautiful, full of luxury. Installation is also easier.
  • The ability to kill bacteria is very high, ensuring good for your family’s health.
  • Friendly with living environment.

tinh-nang-vuot-troi-may-gia-dinhWhere to buy a household water heater?

SuperGreen Vietnam is the first company specializing in providing SioGreen infrared water heaters, 100% imported in the US.

SioGreen provides clean water for millions of families in the US and other countries around the world. This is also the first and only hot water in Vietnam today that uses infrared rays to heat up the water. Right from the start, this family water heater has outstanding advantages, leaving a very good impression on customers.

Some outstanding features that SioGreen has:

  • Safety for the user.
  • Save power consumption very well.
  • Kill good bacteria.
  • High durability, using 10-20 years, the machine is still in normal use.
  • Smart, easy application for customers to use,…

Hopefully with this article, you know “what kind of family water heater is good”. Buy a safe home water heater, provide you with clean water!

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