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What kind of industrial water heater is good?

Industrial water heaters are increasingly used in popularity. It provides solutions to save energy and high economic efficiency for businesses, companies, large projects, enterprises,… need to use large hot water to serve production and business needs.

Using industrial machines, the hot water source is created without using raw materials, completely using solar energy. Therefore, maximizing the cost savings in production and environmental protection, the most important is creating a sustainable development base for businesses.

When do I need to use industrial water heaters?

Tiet kiem tien khi su dung may nuoc nong SioGreen

Figure 1: SioGreen industrial water heater

For businesses, agencies, enterprises, … the demand for daily water use, in large quantities, should use industrial water heaters. This will bring large hot water at low cost. Only first-time private demand, long-term use efficiency and maximum savings of costs incurred later.

The range of energy devices for industry is very diverse, meeting all the needs of different businesses. If many large projects need to use a lot of hot water, then it is possible to assemble the piping systems together, which will bring maximum capacity.

We can give an example to see how important it is to use industrial water heaters. With a hotel of about 200 rooms to serve customers. Each room needs a hot water heater, which means 200 units are needed for each room. The hotel will have to invest in the machine at a high cost, not to mention the power consumption. Then, if that enterprise, using industrial water heaters only needs to invest 1 or 2 units, is enough water for all customers to use, electricity will also be saved significantly.

Good industrial water heater distribution?

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Figure 2: Application of industrial water heater

SuperGreen is the leading company distributing industrial water heaters imported from the US, water heaters using quality, reasonable cost infrared rays.

All products supplied by SuperGreen to users are quality goods, genuine, complete documents of origin and origin. Reasonable price, with high discount offers, gifts, discounts, …

Along with that is the US warranty, committed to genuine sales to consumers. Good mode, all customer inquiries are answered quickly. Guarantee will not affect the operation of the customer.

SioGreen industrial water heater has outstanding advantages compared to other products in the market such as:

  • Save on investment costs for businesses.
  • Long-term warranty, good operation, will not require regular maintenance.
  • Easy to install, warranty, suitable for all other devices.
  • Optimal power savings.
  • 100% import in the US.
  • Absolutely safe for users.

Therefore, businesses, agencies and enterprises nationwide have trusted our industrial water heaters. Using our products will optimize projects, customers will be absolutely secure.

If you are in need of using a large source of hot water for production or business activities, please contact us to be attentive and dedicated.


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