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Which industrial water heater is appreciated?

Hot water is an essential need in everyone’s daily life. In public places like schools, hospitals, agencies, factories, … the supply of hot water is not the right time. All can meet. To solve this problem, SuperGreen Vietnam has provided the problem of hot water more simply. Siogreen industrial water heater ensures a plentiful source of hot water, maintains good temperature for a long time, the process of automatic hot water heating, etc. The following article will clarify the problem “which industrial water heater can appreciate”.

Highlights of SioGreen industrial water heater

SioGreen is the first pioneer industrial water heater in technology system, completely imported 100% from the US.

  • Low investment costs: SioGreen will help businesses save ½ the cost of investing in other hot water technology. Besides, SioGreen will help investors recover capital faster.
  • Origin from the US: Industrial water heaters are imported entirely from the US, are evaluated by experts as using the leading technology of the 21st century – SioGreen uses infrared water heating technology.
  • Good bactericidal: Thanks to the infrared rays that bacteria in the water are destroyed, ensuring health for users.
  • High safety: Because SioGreen industrial water heaters do not contain water tanks, they contain only quartz tubes. At that time, the water source and power source do not have contact with each other, the safety for users is guaranteed.
  • Long-term warranty: Warranty according to US policies. Industrial water heater is warranted for about 1 year.
  • Power saving: While other industrial water heaters must be turned on all day to use, SioGreen only has hot water to use. From here, customers can see how good power saving is.

May nuoc nong nao tot o HCM

Principles of operation of SioGreen

  • When you use hot water, the SioGreen will detect the amount of water flowing in, then start the water heating system.
  • At this time the controller will increase or decrease the temperature.
  • Infra-red rays are absorbed by the quartz tube to heat the passing water.
  • The water heater will display the temperature on the screen so that the user knows what the current temperature is.
  • PID signal for appropriate temperature adjustment system.
  • Display the current temperature out.

SioGreen industrial water heater accompanies the works

With high demand for hot water such as factories, hospitals, schools, hotels, swimming pools, … the need for industrial water heaters is essential. In order to meet this demand, SuperGreen Vietnam provides customers with industrial water heaters with good quality, becoming companions with projects.

SioGreen water heater with capacity from 14K, 18K, IR-6000, IR-8000, offers users a plentiful source of hot water at low cost when operating. Thanks to this, businesses will save 1 expense, business efficiency will also grow.

Tiet kiem tien khi su dung may nuoc nong SioGreen

We will make a simple comparison to see this benefit. For a hotel, instead of having to install a hot water heater in every room, it is now possible to reduce the cost by installing an SioGreen industrial water heater. Because a hotel now has about a dozen rooms, bigger will be several hundred rooms. Equipment each room can be up to huge numbers. Not to mention other costs incurred. Therefore SioGreen industrial water heater will be the most effective solution at this time. Businesses only lost the initial installation cost but used it several decades later.

With any question from everyone, SuperGreen Vietnam will advise the most practical issue for you, making sure you get the most optimal solution. From those advantages, many customers will be pulled because of low cost. From here, business efficiency will increase. Therefore, let SioGreen industrial water heater accompany you, to bring the most optimal business support equipment!


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